See for yourself! Seoul Cha-oops is silent about hunting for Sancho

28 Jun

Ole Gunnar Solcha, Manchester United manager, does not answer questions about whether to pull Jedonsancho to strengthen or not But said that if there are any reasonable deals Their team will try to achieve that deal

Ole Gunnar Solcha, manager of Manchester United, the famous English Premier League club, has avoided answering the question of whether his team will grab Jedonsan Sancho, the talented wing of Borussiad. Is North Dortmund joining the army after the end of this season?

Sancho is almost the person with the most news with Manchester United in the past. After saying that Solcha wanted to make the offensive game on the edge of the line more dangerous While the English stars themselves are often reported to be interested in "Red Devils" as well.

Most recently, Solcha gave an interview to Jan Akefjofot, a former Norwegian striker who became a journalist. When asked if he had the opportunity to sign anyone from Dortmund, Solcha said, "I'm good at math. But I will not answer that question It has good players. With many teams If there are deals in front of us that seem reasonable in both sport and finance, then I know that we will try to get that deal. But you can't make any promises that it will happen. " อ่านต่อได้ที่ เว็บแทงบอล  


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